TV Sportnytt – Focus on Rio

Swedish Television with a coverage in preparation for the upcoming Paralympics.

Preparation for Rio in Finland

Germany and Belgium

The international season started with a Euro Cup in Cologne, Germany where I placed no 1 in both the time trial and road race. Very happy about that! Then we went to Ostend, Belgium for the road race. Placed 5th in both time trial and the road race. Decent result considering the time of season. Next up will be the swedish internationals and then the World Cup in the Basque Country.

Belgium-1 Belgium-2 Belgium-3 Belgium-4 Belgium-5

Awarded by Swedish Radio

I recently got nominated to a fine award from Swedish Radio called “Årets Stjärnskott”. Each year the nominate the fastest rising stars in swedish parasport. Today it got official that I did win this award! This has gotten coverage in all SR:s radio stations so a lot of traction and cheers from a lot of people. Thank you all!

SR - Radiosportens pris Anders Bäckman Årets Stjärnskott 2015


The magazine Cykla went out today with a new issue including this article.


Radio SR

Interview about cycling and my path to Rio. Spread through channel SR P4.


TV – MTB training & Paralympics

Swedish national television SVT Sportnytt about MTB training and Rio.

Qualified for Rio 2016

Now it’s finally official. I’m going to Rio for the Paralympics next year! I’ve been chosen by the Swedish Paralympic Commitee in the first selection round as 1 of only 4 individual athletes (all sports included) to compete in Rio.

I feel very honored and excited. This is as big as it gets and the world will be watching. Today it’s almost exactly one year until the games begins. I can’t wait!

Qualified for Rio

Nynäshamns Posten

World Championships BRONZE!

BRONZE! Last day of the world championships. Road race on one of the toughest courses ever in para-cycling history. 42K of suffering through the hills of Nottwil, ending with a sprint fight. I pushed the pedal to the metal against swiss homeboy Tobias Fankhauser (currently ranked #1 in the world) and passed him with about 100 meters to the finish line.

4 years of hard training did finally put me on the podium together with the best guys in the world.
Incredible, awesome and surreal!

I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped me get here.

Special thanks to Michael Lindgren for believing in me, letting me ride the world championships. Also special thanks to Bengt Axén and Klara Stålhandske for the first class support in Nottwil during the world championships.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you!

World Championships Time Trial

Stressful day. The gears stopped working during warmup and we needed to get replace parts to get it shifting again. Got into bike check just in time and went out for two laps on a hilly swiss course. I was third guy out of the gates and passed the dutch and french guys in front of me during the first lap. Then I were all alone until the end of lap two when I got passed by the world champion.

Finished in 6th place. Pretty good!

World Championships Team Relay

Day one at the World Championships in Nottwil. Team Relay together with Peter and Jessica. Two laps each. Heavy rain and very hard to see ahead. Did my second lap without glasses. The first time ever I’ve ridden handbike without glasses! Finished in seventh place out of ten countries so a small step forward compared to the team relay in Spain last year.