Swedish Nationals Sollerön

Racing season is in full swing. Swedish Nationals is over with a first place in the bag. Now full focus is put against training for the World Cup in Elzach coming up in a couple of weeks.

Velodromen GP

Went up north to Falun to ride a GP on a tricky course with dumpsters and oil barrels. Fun close fight the entire race, but with a sour ending. Lost it in the sprint with a wheel length. Annoying!

4th in World Cup

World Cup in Yverdon, Switzerland. Road race on a demanding and beautiful course up and down the swiss hills together with all the best guys in the world. Had a great time this rainy day, swooshing through the field and finishing in 4th place. Really stoked about this!

Arlanda Test Track Race

Sunny afternoon at the race track. Perfect place for a grand prix. Got out pretty good from getgo and then kept my pace throughout the entire race. First time on this track and found it tricky to keep a good line through the many tight corners. Great fun though!

Did wear a special yellow jersey today. The jersey for the leader of the National Paracycling Cup!

Road race Cologne

Today it was time for some german road racing. 16 laps on a 2.2 km course in Cologne. Tried my best but felt cold and had a tough time in the beginning of the race. Couldn’t manage to hang onto the german champ today. After a couple of laps I started to feel pretty fast, but then I’d already lost too much ground. Next time…!

A swede who was flying through the race today was Peter. Very promising for our team relays this summer!

Now back to Sweden to do some hard training in preparation for the domestic racing next weekend.

Time Trial win in Cologne

Now we’re down in Germany with the national team and snatching some international ranking points.
Had a good feeling after our training session yesterday and went into the time trial with high hopes even though I got my ass kicked twice last year by the german champ who’s fighting against me in this competition.

Cranked it hard all the way and hoped for the best. Turned out pretty good in the end. The corrected times gave me a 7th place of 25 and a win in my class. Very happy with the result today!

In the news today


Stockholm Tunnel Run

Last race this year went through the brand new North Link tunnel motorway in Stockholm. Pretty cool and unique experience.


Berlin Marathon

Berlin delivered a fantastic day. Sunny and beautiful with all the colors of fall. 141 handcyclists on the grid and lots of fun racing together with all the others.

Had a great fight with former Paralympic gold medalist Christoph Etzlstorfer. He pushed hard in the sprint and I ended up finishing 6 seconds behind him.


Cantimpalos Team Relay

Segovia Time Trial

Training in Segovia

World Cup Spain


Swedish Nationals

I’ve been attending a bunch of time trials lately and and yesterday was time for the Swedish Nationals. Everything was organized in conjunction with the bicycling competition and it was a really good arrangement in the southwest (Götene). The roads were closed and the sun was shining bright. A great day! First place finish and now I’m officially the national champion in my class.